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    Welcome to visit Sichuan Daneng Technology Co., LTD

    Sichuan Daneng Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that engaged in the development of new energy automotive motor control system, manufacturing and sales.

    Company set a Drive technology research and Development Center in Gaoxin District,Chengdu. So far, we have mastered the core technology in the field of electronic control system. Besides, there have introduced modern production and experimental base of electricity control Products which can production product 200,000 units a year.

    Daneng Technology design and manufacture of a series of high quality, high cost of clean car driver products that used the new generation of drive control technology. It can improve vehicle performance significantly, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. We hope to contribute to the development of the global clean industry.

    New Products


    Motor controller for driving washing machine

    DN28-XD815 is the best solution for the field of commercial cleaning vehicles that all the electrical functions of the washing machine are integrated in a controller.



    Motor controller for low-voltage electric vehicle

    DN511 is a controller that for the Motor controller of low-voltage electric vehicle. It was using a number of patented technologies that can solve the problem of easily damaged drive built-in relay, and MOSFET power unit in market.




    Motor controller for electric motorcycle

    DN211 is a highly efficient motor drive products for the 100W-1KW motor BLDC which have high power density, high efficiency and many other advantages.


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  • ̫ײУ¬ۼͰ޴߱Ƥ 2019-01-24